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What is ‘Aquatic Physiotherapy’?

Aquatic physical therapy is the practice of therapy in water. An aquatic program is designed by a patient's physical therapist as part of an individualized treatment plan to achieve specific goals. The program is based on utilizing unique properties of water like buoyancy, viscosity and hydrostatic pressure.

What are the benefits of Aquatic Therapy?

The benefits of performing aquatic therapy in a warm pool are numerous. It is different from physiotherapy on land, by way that the warmth and apparent weightlessness experienced in a warm water pool will:
  • reduce muscle tightness
  • reduce pain
  • make movements easier
  • help regain skills, that are often lost on land
  • enhance cardiovascular response to exercise
  • enhance general fitness
For clients struggling with conventional land-based physiotherapy, aquatic therapy is ideal and advised as there is more rapid progression.

Do you teach Swimming?

Our pools are exclusively for therapeutic purposes. Non-swimmers are more than welcome and shall be assisted accordingly.

Do I need a physician’s referral/prescription to attend treatment at Aquacentric?

Based on your condition, our experts will advise if you need to get your doctor’s consent for the treatment.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Your first visit will comprise of a consultation session with the therapist, lasting approximately 45 to 60 minutes. It shall include a detailed physiotherapy assessment in order to obtain a better understanding of your condition. The therapist will evaluate your case and use the assessed information to identify the problem areas and shall then tailor-make a rehabilitation program to meet your personal requirement.

What types of interventions may I receive?

The interventions you receive will depend on your therapist’s evaluation of your condition. However, almost all our therapeutic plans include a combination of Land/Outdoor (Ability garden) and Aquatic rehabilitation programs, alongside other therapeutic exercises and daily living activity training of work or home-related tasks.

How long will my visit last?

An initial evaluation session can last from anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes, depending upon the condition.

How do I book an appointment?

You can simply call our center for an appointment and our staff will assist you with the rest.

What centre policies should I be aware of?

For rescheduling your appointment, call us 24 hours prior to your appointed time and we will reschedule it for you. If you are late and don’t end up raising a request prior to 24 hours, do check with us regarding the appointment and we will try our best to accommodate a feasible time for you. Sessions are pre-booked and hence missing an appointment is not advised.

How is this different from regular physiotherapy / I have already been to physiotherapy before, do I need it?

As opposed to physiotherapy, the warmth and buoyancy experienced in the warm indoor pool helps in taking the weight off your joints, making you feel lighter and more at ease. Also, skills learnt in the pool can also be attempted on land, such as learning to stand from a sitting position or jumping. Aquatic physiotherapy makes it easier to adapt to situations of non-water therapy.

My mother / father is wheelchair bound. Can they still come for a session?

Our centres are wheelchair-friendly. Our pools are specially designed to accommodate our wheelchair-bound clientele.

Can I eat before a session or do I need to visit on an empty stomach?

Ideally, you are required to maintain a 45minute interval/gap between a meal and your session.

What should I bring to the Aquatic Therapy Area?

Appropriate bathing suits are a must for the in-Aquatic Therapy Area sessions. Children are required to wear diapers if they are not yet toilet-trained or have inconsistent bowel movements.

Is the Aquatic Therapy Area suitable for people on wheelchair?

The Aquatic Therapy Area has harness facilities for people who can’t get into the pool physically/ are on wheelchair.

How much does a session cost?

Do give us a call at the number provided, and we will help you out with the queries.

What should I wear for a session?

Be sure to carry loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and shoes for land based treatments that will help in evaluating your movements. For Aquatic therapy, we recommend wearing clothes suitable for Aquatic Therapy Area-side activities.

Is there a changing room facility at the centre?

Yes, the centre has changing room facilities along with being equipped with wheelchair accessible changing rooms.

I have had ear problems/eye surgery/skin procedure previously and my doctor has asked me not to go swimming. Can I still come for an aquatic therapy?

Yes, you absolutely can. Your therapist will guide you with your session, keeping the safety requirements in mind.

Are the centres hygienic?

Our hygiene standards are world-class. We have a high end filtration system installed. Our pools have triple sanitization Ozone + UV + Glass bead filtration. Additionally, there is auto-regulated Chemical Dosing system in the pools.

How many sessions shall I require?

That depends on your diagnosis, the severity of your condition, your past medical history, etc. You will be re-evaluated at timely intervals where we will analyze your progress and plan any further treatment, if required.

Do I need to go underwater?

Most therapy sessions do not require you to go underwater. However, bathing caps are provided in case you want to.

What is the depth of the Aquatic Therapy Area?

The Aquatic Therapy Area is 4 feet deep.

Do the therapists assist the patient individually throughout the session?

Yes, each and every client is given personal assistance during their sessions.

What kind of exercises will I be doing?

Exercises range from walking in the water to patterned arm and leg movements using water as resistance. We have multiple aquatic exercise tools that can further be used to enhance your session. Your therapist will assist you in choosing the type of in-water exercises you will be required to undertake.

Is the water warm?

Yes. All our pools are temperature-controlled and are set at temperatures best suited for the therapy session.

Can I cancel my appointment?

We would highly recommend you rescheduling your appointment, rather than cancelling. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an invigorating session, would you now? However, if you do unfortunately have to cancel, call us and our staff will assist you with the process.

What are some of the post-therapy know-its?

Post session, we provide shower area with changing room facilities Swimsuit dryer Hot Towels

What are some things to remember, post an in-Aquatic Therapy Area session?

Post your Aquatic Therapy Area session, you may experience minimal post-therapy soreness. However, if the discomfort continues or lasts longer than an hour, kindly get in touch with us. We advise you to report any skin reactions such as skin rashes, burning or redness of skin, you may experience post session. Do meet with our FD before you leave for the day, to book your next appointment with us.

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